Monday, April 30, 2012

Did you know (Inter)National Scrapbook Day is this weekend? Digitals is kicking off the fun early so you don't miss a thing! May 1st through May 8th nearly everything in the store is 30% off! (*Excludes items already on sale, advertising, and gift certificates.) There are lots of fun games, bonuses and prizes in the forum too! Be sure to join in Amanda Thorderson's fun game to earn another mini kit each day during the week.

By completing the fun challenges and games you can earn all the mini kits to complete the great mega kit, Extraordinary, Ordinary Day! Digitals' (inter)National Scrapbook Day theme is Extraordinary, Ordinary Day. We will be celebrating the special moments in our lives and families that occur in between the birthdays, weddings, graduations, and other big events.

Happy iNSD! 

Stay tuned for a long overdue gift and hopefully a new release!


rmdusell said...

Looking forward to it, Happy iNSD!

Pups_r_Paps said...

Hope you are enjoying iNSB!!

Bunnyfreak said...

Can't wait for a new release.