Friday, October 28, 2011

A Hybrid Halloween!

My daughters each will have a Halloween celebration in their classes on Monday, so when the sign up list came around I decided I would get a bit creative!

For my younger daughter, I signed up for chocolate treats. We recently discovered she has developed a sensitivity to milk and so much chocolate contains dairy! I wanted to make sure she had something safe, since she has inherited my love of chocolate. :) It turns out that Oreos are dairy-free, and she can eat them without troubles! I scooped up a couple boxes of the Oreo snack packs as the treat, but they don't look very Halloween-y, so they needed a costume change!

Just as I was debating what I should use to create a cute candy bar-type wrapper, I came upon a cute little free gift from Shabby Miss Jenn on her Facebook page!

Here are the dressed and ready for a Halloween party Oreo pack! Aren't they cute?

For my older daughter's class I signed up to make the BINGO cards. I found this handy BINGO card generator website, modified the word list a bit, dressed them up a bit, then printed them out! I added some of my I Like Candy Corns pieces to the center free space because I was told they are using candy corns as markers and thought that it would make the free space make sense to the kids. (In the festive spirit I put this pack on sale through Monday, October 31st!)

I printed the BINGO games 2 per page. Trim those closely, the mount 4 of them to a 12"x12" piece of card stock, as below. (I just used a glue stick.)

Trim again, and they are ready to go! (Be sure to print a word list or make a bag with all the words to choose from when playing!)

(p.s. I haven't stopped designing, I just had a long dry spell! I do have a few new goodies coming up! Be sure you are signed up for the Digitals newsletter for one, join in the Digitals challenges, and subscribe to my blog feed and Facebook page for the next gifts, prizes and new releases!