Monday, July 26, 2010

I just got Playing in the Mud up in my Digitals store

Do you have a little boy who loves to get messy? This is the kit for you! Playing in the Mud has fun and fresh colors and lots of things that little boys love: a toy frog, a play shovel, sticks, leaves, stones, dirt and mud! Also great for photos of kids making mud pies or just having fun outdoors!


    * 10 textured papers, all different (12"x12") Includes 1 torn denim paper with another paper peeking through and a piece of kraft paper with a muddy handprint.
    * 2 worn and torn papers (nearly 12"x12")

Also contains:

    * 1 dirt paper edge
    * 1 dirt paper border
    * 1 torn cardboard page edge for layering
    * 1 spiral notepad page
    * 2 worn paper frames
    * 2 layered/clustered worn paper frames
    * 1 dirt square photo edge
    * 1 twig frame
    * 2 word art element clusters expertly created by CindyB
    * 1 leaf sprig
    * 1 fern frond
    * 3 flat round stones
    * 2 felt and stone "flowers"
    * 1 twig branch
    * 1 plastic toy frog
    * 1 plastic play shovel
    * 1 tied rubber band "bow"
    * 1 bolt
    * 2 lengths messy stitching
    * 1 piece stitched rickrack
    * 1 length string/twine
    * 2 tied grosgrain ribbons
    * 1 dirt splat
    * full alpha set (upper and lower case English letters, some international letters, numbers, symbols and punctuation)

All pieces created at 300ppi. Scrap for hire friendly!

Pick up Playing in the Mud now!

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