Sunday, June 06, 2010

Just a few more days to sign up for the June round of BINGO! There will be great prizes for the first 3 BINGO winners, and everyone who plays receives the mini kit I showed in the previous post!

I just posted two graphic gameboards you can use to keep track of your words! Here's a peek. You can download them for free right in the forum post.

I made one board with the participation prize, my What A Guy mini!

I made another board with my Life Is Grand kit which I'm featuring in this month's Quickies challenge. (It's on sale for just $3 all month, and I'd love you to join in the Quickies challenge too!)

You can print your filled-in gameboard out (reduced to fit on standard paper) or just play on a digital version by placing an X or maybe a fun element on top of all called words. Unlike regular BINGO, it doesn't matter where you word is on the board this version, you want every single word called. So hurry and sign up!


Anonymous said...

loved it! there are also bingo cards you can print for free from the bingo card generator if you need educational bingo cards sarah.

Anonymous said...

oops scrape that it's:
the bingo card generator

Anonymous said...

alternatively could also use this Bingo Generator tool to create bingo cards