Friday, May 22, 2009

More computer problems over here and lots of being busy with non-computer stuff, but I've got a gift for you today, so read on!

I thought of a fun little project for my daughter's preschool teachers as an end-of-year gift. With my help she painted 2 terracotta flower pots and I designed some big paper flowers using the Spring Song patterned papers. Here's the proud soon-to-be kindergartner in front of her school! I forgot to grab my good camera, so camera phone will have to do.

And a closer look.... The little blue rectangle in the back holds a gift card and is attached to the pencil/stem with a ribbon and clip.

And here is some exciting news! Be sure to pick up the JUNE issue of Artisan Notebook (which you can pick up at Gotta Pixel) because it will include these flowers as a special printable hybrid gift!

I made matching cards for the teachers and crossing guard that included a big white rectangle for Cayley to draw a picture in, but I forgot to take a photo! She also handed out these little "calling cards" so that we can be sure to meet up with her school friends this summer.

If you'd like to make some little calling cards for your own little cutie, I've turned my file into a png quickpage-type file.


Sorry, no preview, but it's just the above card repeated 6 times with an empty photo space and no writing on an 8.5"x11" page for easy printing. :)


laura west kong said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. What a cute, fun crafts project those flowers/flowerpots are. Great idea! =(^_^)=

Katie - a.k.a. Mommy said...

Sarah, I love the cards. Great hybrid project with the flowers!

Melinda said...

Those flowers are so adorable! What a great crafty idea!