Saturday, January 26, 2008

I've emailed a couple folks download links for my Snowy Days paper pack--thanks for your comments!

For you Gotta Pixel subscribers, another goodie for you! I've uploaded my Christmas Holly mini kit! It was originally part of the DigiScrap Caroling pack sold at Gotta Pixel in December, but now that the Caroling challenge is over I wanted to share it a bit more. :) Click here if you are a subscriber to get to the download.

Thanks to my wonderful CT I've got lots of great element ideas! The kit I have in progress was in need of a few more special pieces, and that's what I'm working on now. Here's a sneak peek:

And speaking of my wonderful CT---look at these adorable Valentine's day projects that my CT member CindyB made with my Cozy Valentine Page kit! For the box she also used my Printable Ornament Templates.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I've now got a super-handy little spot just to the right for you to sign up for my newsletter! (Thank you Stacy!)

My first newsletter went out about an hour ago. If you weren't signed up yet, I'm happy to forward on a copy so you can get the coupon. Just post below and let me know where to email it. :)

After much internal debate I decided to email all those wonderful customers who had purchased from me in the last month to say thank you and give them a little gift! I'd always worried that I'd upset someone by sending an email they didn't ask for or that it would upset them that I had recieved their email address, so I'd always just mentally erased the email addresses any time an order came through. But I had this little paper pack sitting on my hard drive, feeling neglected since I'd never inputted it into the store, so I decided to upload it and give it away as a special gift. :)

Now if you would like this paper pack and weren't one of the lucky ones who got an email from me last night, leave me a comment (don't forget to include your email address)! I'll pick one or two of you randomly and send you a special message!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just a quick post today---so much to do and no where near enough time to do even half of it!

Happy 123! And even better-I have an appt today at 4pm!:)

For all those who are subscribers to Gotta Pixel, there's a new big kit available to you in the subscribers' freebie area!

And the last bit for today--very soon I will have a newsletter through Gotta Pixel! The first one will have a special coupon in it, and every issue will keep you updated on my new products, challenges, sales and special offers! Click here to sign up and enter your email in the box at the top right. :) If you are already subscribed to a Gotta Pixel newsletter (which you should be!) just agree to let it send you an email with instructions and you'll get a direct link to your account's newsletter settings. Just click the box by my name and you'll be set to receive the first issue!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I finally got around to re-releasing Cozy Valentine! I remade all the papers and changed up the set of elements a bit too!

Here's close up of some of the details!
I took a little break in December and didn't post a new Gotta Be Quick Challenge over at Gotta Pixel, but I posted a new one this past week, inspired by Cozy Valentine! Hop on over to snag this fun quickpage set FREE and if you complete the challenge before February 18th I'll send you a $1 off coupon for anything in my store! The challenge is really easy too! Just use the quickpage base somehow--you can recolor it, rotate it, crop it--add whatever you want to it, and post the layout to the Gotta Be Quick gallery and link back to it in my original challenge post. The Gotta Pixel members always impress me--I post the challenge before I go to bed at night and by the following morning there's always a few layouts uploaded already to greet me!

I've got so many layouts in my head that I want to work on! Cayley (3-1/2) has been drawing like crazy lately and when she's particularly proud of a drawing will ask that I take a picture of it. Thankfully this is the perfect opportunity label the photo with her description so I don't forget! Here's just one of the many photos, a family portrait on a sunny day:
And my sweet Maddie turns 2 in just a few weeks! I want to make a vocabulary at 2 years old layout for her like I did for Cayley, so I need to start making a list of her words---she's quite the talker and I don't want to leave anything out!

I still haven't started cutting into the fabric for baby boy's quilt yet either! But I do plan on washing and ironing it all this weekend. Hopefully I will have an in-progress photo of his quilt to share soon!

This week I hit the jackpot with mail! Got my Shutterfly calendar, the latest copy of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine (my favorite!) and a Keepsake Quilting catalog--the last two are sitting right beside me now. I've been drooling over them but am waiting for a quiet moment to crack them open and enjoy!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I've been busy in my Gotta Pixel Store!

I've decided to retire my Christmas kits and will do so at the end of the month. Until then, they are all 50% off!!! Click here to go straight to my Christmas Goodies Page Kit, Cozy Little Christmas Element Pack and Cozy Little Christmas Paper Pack!

Just a few days ago I finally got around to re-releasing another favorite from last year, Snowflake Spectacular! I'm offering it as separate element and paper packs, so you can get them both together for 20% off!

The Snowflake Spectacular Element Pack includes large paper snowflakes, silver charms, stamped images and silver stickpins plus tags, frames, attachments, ribbons and fibers.

The Snowflake Spectacular Paper Pack includes 4 solid and 12 patterned papers--all softly textured.

Here's a little close-up the elements and papers in Snowflake Spectacular!

Snowflake Spectacular coordinated nicely with my recently re-released Toasty Toes Paper and Element Packs!

Still have several new things in progress right now, just need to finish them up! I really want to do a few layouts too--where does all the time go!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The last couple days I've been busily scrapping! I got a coupon for a free Shutterfly calendar (well only shipping + handling) and really wanted to use it! I ended up only scrapping the cover from scratch and for all the pages made a template inspired by this one JanHosford offered at here at DST and using different layouts I'd made over the year on each page and papers from the kit/series I used to make the layout for the background and little note strip (except for the staples, those are the same on every page).

For the cover, I used my Cozy Little Valentine--a kit I released last year and am in the process of updating to put back up for sale. I didn't add the month to the topper since it's on the lower grid part of the calendars automatically. I did end up switching the older around a bit at the last minute which I couldn't have done so easily if I had put the month on the top. The first is the cover, and then the calendar pages start with February. I haven't posted any of the calendar pages yet, but click on each of the previews to go to the layout to see the credits.

I've also got one more old snowy kit I want to get back online and there's a new snowy paper pack I've been working on but am currently stumped on. I want to add a few more papers in it still and just can't decide on a pattern--I've made and trashed so many!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

I've re-released one of my favorite kits from last year! I had so much fun making Toasty Toes, and it's perfect for playful snowy photos. I've put it in my store as separate paper and element packs--get them together and save 20%!

Here's the Toasty Toes Paper Pack! Snowflakes, stripes, plaids and dots in bright pastel colors!

And the Toasty Toes Element Pack, full of felt appliques, silver stitching, fuzzy fibers and more!
You just can't have a kit named "Toasty Toes" without socks, but I forgot to put them in the Element pack preview! There are 6 different socks, different color variants of this one.
Here's a close up of some of the other elements.
Here are some cute layouts one of my CT members, Junglemom, did last year when this was out as a kit.
When shopping ar Gotta Pixel, if your order totals $20 you'll get this fun Winter Carnival Mega Kit FREE! It will be automatically added to your cart, so don't worry about forgetting!
Here's a close-up of my contribution to the kit. (I used my Paper Snowflake brushes.)
And I did promise I would show the fabrics I am planning on using for baby boy's quilt! Lots of fabrics because I like the scrappy look--I'll probably add a few more in still, especially with the red. I don't know if it's just my laptop screen or the lighting when I took the picture, but I swear that's not pink! It's more of a cranberry. And the blue is more dusty. Those browns pulled down might be tossed from the quilt since one is undoubtedly flowery and I think the other is too feminine. The tan paisley will be used only for the backing.

I did draw up the quilt pattern I designed in Photoshop so I could play with the color placement. It's a combination of 9-patches and 80-20 stars. I'm still not set on it and want to figure it all out before I start cutting because most of these pieces are fat quarters and I don't want to waste any.