Monday, December 31, 2007

I can't believe it's already New Year's Eve!

Today's the last day to get a 1 year subscription to Gotta Pixel at 30% off, which means instead of $35, you can get a 1 year subscription for $24.50! There are over 1200 items that you can download in through the Gotta Pixel Subscription Club, and more are added every single day! Click here to find out more.

Today is also the last day of my big End Of the Year Sale! Hurry over to save 35% off EVERYTHING! I will not be having a sale like this again for a while, so go shopping now while you can catch the big savings. :) Click here to go right to my Gotta Pixel Store!

For my mom and grandma I made little pocket calendar covers. I didn't have them done by the time my mom came to visit, so I had her go "shopping" in my store and pick what kit she wanted hers done with and help my decide which my grandma would like the best. I ended up using the same picture of the girls in their Christmas pajamas that I used on our cards since those were the best recent ones. I will have to make new covers in a few months though, can't leave out baby brother!

My mom picked Delicious, rather appropriate since she is a teacher. :) Here's the cover I made for her--the left side is the back cover.

And for my grandma, Tulips in Bloom! I used a tulip from the main kit and all the rest is from the add-on, Playful.

I've got a new element pack in the works and will be re-releasing two of last year's snowy kits, so keep an eye out for them!

Edited to add: I just added lots of new Scrapping Blog links, so be sure and take a peek!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

From now through the end of the year, everything in my store is 35% off! Even designer resources! Hurry over now. :)

I just realized I never posted the last layout I did! I made this with Lynne Simmon's DigiScrap Caroling mini kit.

We ended up eating all those cookies all by ourselves. Here's what neighbors got: (please excuse the bad framing, just this minute uploaded the picture)

I keep intending to take a picture of all the fabrics I've chosen for baby boy's quilt but I never seem to remember to bring the camera upstairs where my fabric is. And making an unnecessary trip up and down the stairs is just more than this 6-7 month pg body can bear. I'm working on a template in Photoshop at the moment with the quilt pattern I designed so I can easily play with the color layout before I cut into any of the fabric. I'll share that once I'm done too. :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

You just have to head over to the Meadow at Weeds & Wildflowers! Starting today and for the next 12 days they are offering a free 8x8 quickpage! And today's is a beauty!
I scrapped! I used that cute DigiScrap Caroling kit by Stacy Carlson that I showed yesterday and a photo from Monday's backyard adventure.

The picture needed some serious adjusting--Cayley was standing partway in the shadow from the neighbors house. Here's the original:

I probably should invest in some of these fancy photo actions, but I kind of like the tinkering process of fixing them. I duplicated the photo several times in Photoshop and have one set at Color Burn, another at Screen, another with the Levels adjusted, another with the blues adjusted, another altered with the Shadow/Highlight feature. The final result could be a bit brighter but I'm pretty happy with the result. :)

Christmas hybrid projects--there are so many fun ideas out there I wish there was time to make them all!

It seems all of DST is out buying buttons for this cute button tree! There are instructions here and here. I think it will have to wait for next year's project list for me.

I intended to make some photo frames sort of like this one shown in a tutorial at the EDS blog, but again, it may have to wait until next year.

Now I do intend on making some more pocket calendar covers like the one I showed a couple posts ago. I'll be sure and share them once I do!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Once again, I'm so behind in posting! I've got a few new Christmas goodies up in my store over the last few days, taken some photos, made some crafts, it's busy, busy around here!

Just re-released Cozy Little Christmas last night! I still really like the elements but I just couldn't bear to release the old papers, so I remade them all. :) Same colors and feel as the original, but much better texture now. You can pick up just the papers or felt elements and embellishments or you can grab both together for just $4.80!

My last tutorial over at Everyday Digital Scrapbooking appeared last week. :( It's using one of these fun little Printable Ornament Templates I recently released! If you are signed up for their newsletter like I've reminded you to do several times, you got a $2 off coupon for the templates this past Sunday! (If not, check out the newsletter archives!) You can see a few ornaments I made with my own papers on the preview, another with a kit of April Staker's on the EDS blog, and I really do hope to make several more before Christmas arrives! I'd like to make special ones and add names on before I print to use as gift tags...or maybe I'll use these as the tags to go on the cookie plates I make every Christmas! (Remind me to share some recipes!)

I just have to find a little time to scrap! The DigiScrap Caroling event is still going on (through the 20th) and I've got 20 mini kits just calling my name! You can pick up 10 for only $2--one is at Gotta Pixel (mine is in there) and another at Plain Digital Wrapper. I'm not eligible for the big prizes, but over $300 of goodies and gift certificates will be given away to participants!

Here are a few of the other mini kits I'm especially looking forward to digging in to! Lynne's is in the Gotta Pixel bunch and Stacy's (the untitled preview) is sold in the PDW pack. :)

While you are shopping at Gotta Pixel, don't hesitate to let your total get up to $20! If you do, you'll get this giant mega collaboration kit free!

I'm hoping to get another Christmas paper pack up soon (the one I made our Christmas card with!) and some snowflake goodies too! I had planned on sharing our card and some snowy photos I took yesterday, but since this post is already so long I'll save it for another day. Maybe I'll even have layouts by then!